Stadtwerke Heidelberg

Industry: Energy supply
Objective: Fast and automated information in case of insolvency events with customers
Performance: Monitoring with the Inobas Insolvency Monitor
Result: minimization of time, personnel and costs as well as maximizing safety

The Company
Stadtwerke Heidelberg supplies customers in Heidelberg and the region reliably with electricity, gas, water and heat and offer many services for energy saving and climate protection. On behalf of the city of Heidelberg and other municipalities, they are also responsible for the water supply. In addition, Stadtwerke Heidelberg operates swimming pools, the mountain railway and parking facilities in Heidelberg and take over the city coordination tasks as well as part of the financing of public transport. They also support sports, culture and selected social projects for a high quality of life in Heidelberg and the region. With revenues of more than 270 million euros * and more than 1,000 employees *, of which around 350 * are borrowed from the transport company rnv, the cities are one of the most important employers in Heidelberg.
* Financial year 2016, as of 12.31.2016

The Initial Situation
In particular, companies, but also individuals with high consumption, are particularly vulnerable to default in the event of insolvency. In order to avoid possible loss of receivables and to initiate appropriate safeguards, it is indispensable to be immediately informed of any insolvency events. This is the only way to avoid further deliveries under obscure contract conditions immediately after the publication of the insolvency and the associated high risk of loss of receivables. As a matter of principle, all customer processes via SAP® IS-U are automatically displayed on the website of the Stadtwerke Heidelberg. However, in the case of insolvency monitoring, numerous work steps, such as complex research, are to be carried out manually. This expenditure on time, personnel and costs therefore appears to be not economic in some cases. In addition to this, the time-consuming research period may be lost in order to clarify the contractual relationships of the customers who have already become insolvent.

The Solution
Stadtwerke Heidelberg have recognized this challenge and solved it consistently: with the Inobas Insolvency Monitor. This innovative tool complements manual monitoring and offers the possibility to automate all company and private customers in an automated, fast and secure way for incoming insolvency events. As soon as an insolvency is published, the responsible employee at Stadtwerke Heidelberg will immediately receive a note by e-mail with all the latest data and contacts on insolvency proceedings directly into his mailbox. This allows the company to react promptly and prudently. For example, the insolvency administrator can be contacted and collateral may be requested so as to significantly reduce the time of the unclear contractual conditions. Thanks to the quickly available and well-structured insolvency data, the expenses for the insolvency investigation at Stadtwerke Heidelberg are significantly reduced.

Konrad Reichel, Group Manager for Claims Management, on the use of Inobas Insolvency Monitor
"Not only did we significantly reduce the expenses and costs involved in the processing of insolvency, but we also significantly increased the processing speed. The Inobas insolvency monitor more than met our expectations."

Product and Technology
The Inobas Insolvency Monitor runs on the high-performance servers of Inobas GmbH and offers a simple and reliable selection of the customer master data to be monitored through flexible extractors. These selected data are compared several times daily with the Inobas insolvency database and in the case of a hit immediately sent as a warning e-mail to the responsible employee. The information and process data contained in the mail serve as the basis for further insolvency processing. In addition, certain status codes in the warning e-mail can start automated processes in the corresponding billing system, if desired