Patronus would like to give small and medium-sized companies the opportunity to secure their web presence - so that in the case of a Cyber-Attack their existence is not at stake. The central mission of is to ensure an intensive awareness of cybersecurity and as a tool "made & hosted in Germany" to meet the highest safety standards and data protection guidelines. After has developed its product to market maturity and successfully introduced it to pilot customers, the challenge now is to market the product to a wide range of customers. This means, on the one hand, finding potential customers and also successfully addressing them in the next step. Particularly as a startup, you have to proceed in a cost-sensitive manner. has found with Inobas a creative and experienced partner in the field of Sales Intelligence. Thus, had precise ideas as to which target groups could be considered for their product. These target groups were then further developed and qualified by us on the Internet. Specifically, they were companies with webshops using PHP as a code language. then addressed these potential customers to the sales force. After approximately 2 weeks, the results of the individual target groups were critically evaluated and a new target group (web design agencies) could be identified for's product. In the next step, we have put together smaller web agencies that use certain keywords on their web presence. Determining the target group and refining the search has increased the conversion rate by more than a factor of five. Since the target group has been defined, we deliver to monthly company addresses. In this way, the start-up constantly provides new contact data for prospective customers from their target groups, which can then be re-used for distribution. And since we have automated our research, we are able to offer our services at a fair price.