NETSYNO Software GmbH

NETSYNO Software GmbH based in Karlsruhe is an innovative software service provider. The NETSYNO team consists of interdisciplinary experts for the development and design of intuitive and barrier-free internet-based software solutions and the digitization of workflows and business processes. The platform INOPAI, a product of NETSYNO, enables the digitization of work and company processes in medium-sized companies. The combination of predefined modules and a variety of configuration options can be used to design individual solutions for companies. In order to present their products and services to selected companies, NETSYNO was able to compile target group addresses according to certain criteria, on the basis of which they then targeted the companies. The selection criteria included, for example, the industry, the region and the number of employees of the companies - all attributes which together gave the desired target group. The addresses themselves to research would have cost NETSYNO significantly more time and money. In addition, there would have been a risk of overseeing some of the interesting companies which meet the selection criteria. For NETSYNO, our target group addresses meant significant time and cost savings, as well as the ability to address a clearly defined target group efficiently and comprehensively.