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Surface Web vs. Deep Web

The term surface web refers to the part of the Internet which is generally accessible, such as the displayed content of a simple Google search query. The Surface Web consists of all the websites, documents and media that can be captured by conventional search engines using web crawlers. On the other hand is the Deep Web, which is the part of the Word Wide Web, which can not be found when researching existing search engines. Interestingly, over 90% of the information available on the Internet is found in the Deep Web, often on non-accessible websites or in themed databases, which is why they are not indexed by search engines. In this case, the higher quality content is compared with the information from the Surface Web. The Deep Web, however, must not be confused with the Darknet. The Darknet is to be understood as a parallel network, which is mainly used for illegal business and also requires special access. For this part of the World Wide Web we do not, of course, draw any information. The content of the Deep Web is important for every information inquiry and every knowledge area - it gives you exactly the edge you need in the market. With Inobas solutions, we provide you with information from all the resources of the Internet. We know our market and know exactly where we can find what you need.

  • Production Process

    Our production process is an intelligent workflow, which we have professionalized over many years based on our growing expertise as well as the wishes and needs of our customers. Overall, this workflow is divided into two areas: the systematic recording of information and also the preparation and analysis of the collected data. With the systematic collection of information, we use a variety of resources such as portals, publications, company data, social networks and various search engines. This is not only found in the Surface Web, but especially in the Deep Web, either by means of special web crawling technologies, or by the research of our Internet experts. After the information has been gathered, we prepare it for you, because we do not just provide you with data, but an information package specially tailored for you and your goals, which can be easily integrated into your work environment. This includes the decomposition of the collected information, its structuring, the summary as well as its analysis and final transfer into a format that is optimal for you. The special interplay between our expert knowledge and the technologies we use enables you to access high-quality information with real added value for your company.

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