Debt Collection

  • Bankruptcies: Monitoring of private and regulatory bankruptcies
  • Bankruptcies: Delivery of the entire process history for efficient processing
  • Commercial register: change of company, authorized officers, relocations, all changes subject to publication
  • Scalable fuzzy logic for customer identification
  • Interfaces to various billing systems
  • Repeated daily adjustment

In the increasingly fierce competition, it is particularly important to use time and money for valuable claims. Regardless of whether a claim is already insolvency-liable or is only during the processing: it presents an increased cost risk and demands a lot of processing time and complex processing. With the Inobas Bankruptcy Monitor, you control the insolvency processing efficiently. It provides you with the right contact and changes in the insolvency proceedings of your corporate debtors. The HR Monitor provides information about changes to the commercial register, which are subject to publication, with company debtors. This enables you to react immediately to changes in the shareholder structure.